Does Your Xbox 360 Keep Freezing?

Xbox 360 Keeps Freezing Help

The Xbox 360 freezing up is a common problem for console owners when playing games. I’ve had this problem myself in the past, and thought I’d try and help by offering these free tips/guides from my own experiences, as well as providing some information I have found through research.

Below is a list of things to check/try in order to help fix your Xbox 360 freezing problems.

1. Xbox 360 Freezing on Specific Games

This is probably the most obvious tip to check, but when worrying about the fate of your console it can be easy to bypass such things. The first thing to check when your Xbox 360 is freezing up is which game you are playing. Eject the disc and have a look at the back to see if there are any scratches, markings, dirt, or anything else that might be preventing your console from reading it properly.

Once cleaned, re-insert the disc and see how it goes. If the game freezes in the same place/area/timing as previously it could be due to an error on the disc, a glitch, or a corruption in your Xbox 360 cache or game save. There will be more on this later in the article.

If the game freezes in a different area/timing to before, it is time to try another game. I’d try playing about two or three more games to see what happens (to get an average result). If your other games cause your Xbox 360 to freeze then it could be a problem with your console hard drive or overheating. If it is only the first game that caused problems then it could either be a problem with your copy, or an issue with the game that requires for it to be patched. Check online forums (such as the one on to see if other people are experiencing the same issues, otherwise send your game back (stating the issue and how you’ve tried to resolve it) and get a replacement.

2. Is It Only Freezing Online?

This, admittedly, is also another simple yet common thing to check. However, I have added it to this “guide” as I want it to be as helpful as possible to everyone.

If your Xbox 360 is freezing only whilst playing online, then it is most likely down to your Internet connection rather than the console itself. Check that everything is setup correctly and that you are using filters for your broadband connection to prevent it getting affected by the phone line/phone calls. You may also need to check your firewalls and port forwarding settings.

3. Clearing Your Xbox 360 Hard Drive Cache

I’ve had this problem myself whilst playing Oblivion, although it was not only freezing in some places but also being very unresponsive and really slowing down when trying to talk to NPCs. Anyway, clearing the cache on your Xbox 360 is very safe and does not affect any of your game saves, profiles, demos, videos, etc (although it does delete some downloaded game auto-updates, which will be easy to download again afterwards). It is mainly temporary data that is stored in order to make certain areas of games load faster. These can sometimes corrupt, making your Xbox struggle when trying to read them and eventually just freezing up.

To clear your Xbox 360 cache you need to do the following:

“a. Locate the System section of the Xbox 360 Dashboard. b. Select Memory, select Hard Drive, and then press Y to view the device options screen.c. On the Xbox 360 Controller, press the X button, press the X button again, press the left bumper, press the right bumper, press the X button, and then press the X button again.d. You will be prompted to confirm system maintenance, select Yes by pressing A.”


4. Xbox 360 Overheating?

Overheating is unfortunately an extremely common problem. The console’s fans whurr so loudly that you’d think it would be fine, but whilst drowning out a lot of the sound from your games you need to ensure that it is in a well ventilated area. Try to make sure that there is nothing surrounding it and that it is not too close to a heat source.

5. Check Your Xbox 360 Hard Drive

Not only can the cache corrupt from time to time, but also the Hard Drive itself. When most Xbox 360s start freezing most people cry out “Red Ring of Death is coming!”. But that’s not always true. This is what the problem was with my console, and I have not yet had the dreaded Red Ring of Death.

I was told by Microsoft technical support to try removing my Xbox 360 hard drive whilst the console was switched off and playing for about a week to see if I was still receiving freezes (as my Xbox was freezing randomly. Sometimes every two minutes, and others only once every 2 hours or so). I managed to purchase a memory card (or memory unit as they like to call it) quite cheaply so I could still play games and earn achievements.

A week passed and my Xbox 360 didn’t freeze once! I was over the moon. After calling Microsoft technical support again they suggested that I transfer all my data to my memory unit and formatted the Hard Drive (you can do this by connecting the hard drive whilst the console is switched off and then turning it on and going to the system menu). After the formatting I had to re-download all my Xbox DLC which was a little frustrating, but I didn’t need to pay for any of it again as it keeps track of your downloads/purchases on your account.

Other Tips

  1. I’ve read that using a circuit breaker can cause problems with the Xbox 360 console. Apparently that big ugly grey box attached to the console’s plug has one already built in, and adding it to a circuit breaker can limit the amount of power being sent to your Xbox.
  2. I think that all Xbox 360s come with a 3 year warranty. If none of my tips have helped you at all, try giving Microsoft technical support a call and arrange for them to take a look at your console.
  3. Don’t open up your Xbox 360 and try to rectify the problem yourself. This can/will void your warranty. Whilst it hurts to be without your console for a week, it’s better to let Microsoft take care of it so that you are covered for the future as well.

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Matt has been hooked on games since he received his first console (a SEGA Mega Drive) for his 7th birthday. He now spends most of his time on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS, but will use any excuse for a retro gaming night.

Posted on March 10, 2009 | Last modified: 14th September 2015

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  • Anonymous

    why does my xbox 360 freeze when i turn it on about 5 seconds after :S ive never had ring of death :S

  • Anonymous

    One thing I found is if you take your xbox outside and use a compresure to blow out dust helps with some overheating problems

  • amillie

    My xbox is being glitchy when i play halo odst online and when i try to play it it works for a few minutes then it gets glitchy and i die randomly i can play the game but its really slow and i cant see anyone and i checked my xbox live connection and all the bars were full so idk why its doing that
    PLEASE help if you have any idea why its doing that and how i can fix it:)

  • amillie

    and i can play everything else like forge and custom games just not xbox live

  • bladess222

    for the red ring of death try the towel trick for a temperary 1 week fix. or you can take the entire thing apart and on the bottom of the mother board there are 4 squares with bandaide looking stickers on them take them off and take 8 penneis and wrap 2 pennies inside some electrical tape until you have 4 of them and take some type off electrical or plastic glue and place them where the bandaides used to be. let dry. put back together and your red ring of death has magically disapeared

  • Yousef

    I've taken apart my xbox many times fixing the red ring on it and others. As of late I've just kept it open and pointed a fan at it and its worked. I recently moved my xbox from my cool basement to my warm room and now. Now I get the freezing issue. I've tried pushing the 4 pin black box in and it only made my xbox think it was verticle. I plugged into wall socket. I re-applied thermal paste. I tightened the screws a little more. I unplugged the console when it froze instead of turning the power off. I've tried the penny heatsinks. I've tried clearing the cache on the HDD. None have worked. I have reason to believe it is overheating because when I don't have the fan on it freezes very quickly. When I do I can play for 30 mins or so. When I first brought it into my room the cpu heatsink was getting extremely hot even with the fan on and would freeze after a couple minutes. Now the cpu heatsink doesn't get hot (with the fan on) but still freezes. I was seriously looking for liquid cooling solutions and using heat pumps and researched non stop for a couple days on the cheapest method to do so. I have found that I can spend a bit over $100 and a bit of work to liquid cool my xbox. Then I found this hoping for a solution. I was geeked but unfortunately none of the said solutions worked. Anyone else think its a heat issue?

  • Byron Wilson

    I just formatted my hard drive and it started working great again. I have an Elite Console with 120 Gb Hard drive :]

  • D

    Ok, i just moved my Xbox360 downstairs where my router is to get live. I went to sign up for xbox live and everything went okay. But, when i got to the section where i accept the terms of use, when i hit accept, it freezes. I dont know what the problem is. Its not over heated, and my internet connection is fine. I think it might be the t.v., but im not sure. IF anyone knows what this problem is, or has seen a link about this problem that has been fixed, please tell me.

  • D

    nevermind it decided t wor now. =)

  • w1ck3d Soft

    i found out that havif your console standing straight up will also make your game freeze, i had mine laying flat until i had to make room for my controller charging station, first day i used it standing up it started freezing, did some research on google but nothing seemed to work after it hit me and went to lay it down again and no freezes. i guess the game disk does not read right when standing up compared to console sitting on its side..

  • Anonymous

    Someone help, it freezes when i turn it on like 30 seconds after and i dont have enough time to click on anything without it freezing up but when i take my hard drive off, it works fine…i cant go with the memory card cause i have no money what so ever so am i screwed or do i have a way out of this????????

  • Anonymous

    My FIFA 10 freezes at the saem time always ….
    what do i do .. plzz help meee …. 🙁
    i cleared the cache n stuff
    now wat ..
    still freezes

  • Anonymous

    Ive had this same problem. it freezes with or without the HD and also have pushed that black box in and have also tried laying it down on its side or standing up. nomatter what the xbox keeps freezing about 5 mins of any game. I havent tried applying more thermal paste or the penny trick yet due to not having any Thermal paste to use. This is one of the original 360's with the 20gb hd

  • Anonymous

    ok, this is weird, my plays games normal, never ever freezes or slows down on me, now when i go to play any videos, whether its downloaded or streamed, it freezes for a second, then kicks me back and gives me an error screen sayin error occured during playback, it downloads movies at regular speed so i know its not my net, n like i said, movies already downloaded just wont play, cant preview anything, can stream anything, cant watch anything i paid for…i tried the coolin and cleaning thing, my xbox 360 elite is fairly new, like 6 months, never dropped, moved, never banged or anything, anything like this ever happened to any of you before

  • Anonymous

    Careful were screws go because they are different alloys so mark them somehow

  • Anonymous

    hi my 360 keeps on freezing on any game i play and like the screen frezzes but i still hear the sound and my controler vibrates so pls help me

  • patrick

    okay my Xbox freezes on any new game I get. Fyi i do move my xbox from my room to my living room to play on my bigger tv and souround sound. So far Ive tryed every thing my warrenty is out of date, My power supply is alwayes out in the open. Alse Ive tryed playing with out it with the hard drive it still fezzes. I have no idea what to do Now. I can get to the dashboard just fine and play the arcade games with out it freezing aloung with dvds ect. Its just the new games i get the games Have no scratches ive tacken them back and got differnt one and still freezes even shoock my xbox (bad idea) nothing rattling inside. An Im realy thinking about takeing to a repair shop. so befor I do Id like some help.

  • patrick

    also I can hear the background music and when i press the dash board button Ill hear it pop up but nothing shows

  • Anonymous

    My xbox had started freezing yesterday and my xbox was not hot at all. Today I tried playing it with my friend. It still kept freezing but one time when I turned it on I had the three red rings of death. Me and my friend fiddled around with the power supply and plugs for a while and then the red rings went away but it still froze. After my friend had gone I tried moving the plugs around and turned it on again and now the TV wasn't showing any picture. I tried it on another TV and still the same problem! I downloaded a trailer yesterday and it started freezing that night so it might be the trailer I downloaded but I don't know how to delete it because I can't see what I'm doing. I can's send it back to Microsoft because I don't have the red rings but other wise I don't know how to fix it. I do have that rattling sound though but I don't think its worth opening up my xbox and that not being the problem. Does anyone know what is wrong or at least how to delete that trailer on my xbox?

  • Enarcade

    Thanks for this it helped me a couple of times but it still happens and now the red rings are coming so i guess i might have to send it away soon :|.

  • B-ri

    i had the same problem but i fixed it the ghetto way by taking a coleman airmattress blower and i put it up to all of the holes and mad dust came out. i guess it worked since there arent any more problems

  • Anonymous

    My xbox only freezes after it says that my account has signed in, any ideas on whats wrong? ive already tried deleting my gamer profile and then recovering it again but it just freezes again as it downloads. i'm really stuck here so if anyone could give me a hand that would be great.

  • Anonymous

    It froze loads and loads, than came up with 1 red ring and E74 error. Than came up fine worked for 20 mins and froze. Now it doesn't freeze, but when I play red alert it comes up with fatal error, and wot let me play through a game.

  • Anonymous

    I've been trying to download the Halo Reach Multiplayer BETA and at about 60-99 percent it freezes. Earlier it got to 100 then it immediately said "Unable to download content" and then the screen froze…:( I really want to play it…

  • Anonymous

    I'm having a similar problem, except it freezes for a variety of games, none of which have scratches/any damage at all on the disk. The games will actually run but at a random point in the game, it will freeze.

    For example, in halo 3 I can play a custom game and end it normally. It actually worked the same way for theatre once, but froze another time, so my guess would be it is occuring at intervals where the CPU is being most used.

    A side note though: I was capable of downloading a full video game trailer and playing the trailer without a freeze, so I think the problem may be related to the disk drive as many have said.

  • Anonymous

    my freezes even though iv never had the rrod it started after oklahoma had tht huge break out of tornadoes and we lost power

  • i need help… my 360 had the ring of death the 3 rings only then it went a way haven had problems with that for 2 months but know just recently ive been having problems it freezing after 2-5 mins into every game i have plz help me.

    thank u

    jake a

  • anonymous

    I got a e71 error and then it went away and a week later i got the 3 rrod with an error of 0102 (E18 error). I opened up my xbox and reapplied thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. It worked when playing fifa for 30 mins however afterwards when playing gow2 online it froze. As it was forzen, i tried turning my xbox 360 off from the switch and immediately got the 3rrod with the error code 0001 (E01). Now whenever i turn it on it freezes after playing online for 15 – 20 mins or so. I can also hear that the fans speed up quite a bit and the xbox gets quite noisy. I think it may be a overheating issue?

  • John

    My xbox 360 elite now crashes on any game, and sometimes randomly through videos. The only reason I bought the expensive elite was because they claimed the red ring overheat issues were fixed. but apparently they are NOT. shitty Microsoft cutting corners to cheaply mass produce 360’s

  • Carlos

    mine kept freezing and the screen would mess up as it froze, did that for a couple days and i would just turn it off and restart it…it froze again so i turned it off and attempted to restart it only to get the red rings…does that mean that my xbox is done for or can i still let it cool for a few days. cuz i had it next to other heat sources and it was plugged into a circuit breaker. is it done for or can i still just give it a rest?

  • Dylan

    Thanks, this article was hugely helpful in speeding up the time it takes oblivion to load, not to mention i saw a few tips that could be helpful in the future. Great article!

  • Annoymous

    I know another way, PUT YOUR OLD XBOX IN THE BIN AND GET THE NEW ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    My Xbox 360 keeps freezing whilst i am playing online clubs on fifa 10 i have i tried another copy of the game but it is still doing it any suggestions?

  • zenny

    when i go to play mlb 2k10 it freezes just before it gets to the main menu. i played it fine for today in the morning and nothing went wrong.

  • max

    try vacuuming out any dust in there. Gently. It worked for me, on a 3 year old machine

  • ryan

    help! my xbox 360 keeps on freezing on random play sometimes every minute then sometimes every 5 minutes sometimes an error page pops up and 1 red light appers i already did that cache thing i layed it side ways plzz help me

  • Juan Hernandez

    my 360 freezez everytime i play darksiders and darkvoid and saints row 2 but not when i play red dead redemption or fifa 2010 world cup any tips PLZ!!!!!!

  • xzxz

    Mine froze today while I was playing Conan.. I will NEVER again buy Micro$OFT SHI@!

  • Vincent

    i play lost odyssey on disc two and freezes after i fight kakanas or it pops up with disc unreadable. i dont live have and i finished the game 3 times. last playthrough it froze at the point but i fought him in the least turns and it was fine. the disc looks better than first one but it will freeze. can someone help me?

  • Mr. Black

    Ok first off i fix these for a living i make alot of money doing too. The 360 was a design flaw altogether the xclamps are the main problem for 99% of all 360 failures and then its the low voltage fans . So u fix this by junking the xclamps and replacing them with screws (find a you tube video) make sure u use Artic silver paste if u cheap out or use that shitty ceramic white paste your a dumbass and your shit will just break again !! Ok so now when you put it back together u use some blue loctite on the screws and tighten the shit out of them that way they wont come loose and fuck your system up . Now on to the fans find the 12v fan mod on you tube and do that . then put it back together and turn it on and start playing your 360

  • Isaac

    My xbox is running REALLY SLOW. It takes like 5 minutes just to load the dashboard and when try moving from slide to slide it also goes slow. when I try playing games it also runs slow and contantly freezes. But there are some days that it runs just fine. I also took my hard drive out to see if the xbox did the same thing, but it runs perfectly without the hard drive. I also tried putting my hard drive on my brother’s xbox and still continuos with the same problem. So I’m thinking that there is something wrong with my hard drive or my power thing……really need help with this
    oh I don’t know if it matters or not but I have the first xbox still the one with the 60gb hard drive

  • JohnSmithy

    omg thank you. im in a dorm room and ive had problems where my xbox will freeze only on certain games at certain points but what didnt make sence to me was that I could open the dashboard. turns out that i was plugged into a power strip/ cercuit breaker thing. so i plugged my xbox directly into the wall and now I can play my games without problems. thanks. must have been a cheapo power strip or something.

  • Dan B

    I got Fallout New Vegas 3 days ago, its been working fine, and i take good care of my discs. Despite the little lag now and then, the games been fine, up until on my save point, whenever I load, i am automaticaly in conversation with someone, and when the conversation ends, it freezes in the EXACT SAME SPOT!
    It will not, even after 6 goes, play, it freezes, and after about 2 mins, it ejects. I blow, de- dust the disc and never hold the disc, i hold it on the outside and the ring, but it never fails to freeze in that EXACT SAME SPOT! It has 1 tiny, teeny little scracth, caused, most likely, by the xbobx laser.
    My Xbox is lying down, could that be a problem?

  • Mad Consumer

    Had ten 360’s so far..No JOke. My son’s is going out again by freezing up around ten to 30 mins, depends on the game. The major problem is that xbox games are compressed too much and causes too much stress on the roms. They have used about 6 different roms in this system alone to try and fix this. The only way for them to properly fix this problem is to use Blu Ray lol Be funny to see them go to sony for help!! All jokes aside, I am going to take this system to gamestop while it still looks good enough to trade, they refurbish them before they sell anyways. I bought a PS3 for myself, My son now wants one, its a shame..We really loved xbox…Just doesnt seem like they care for their customers.

  • Moshyjoshy

    I got Dead Rising 2 and it just stalls when its loading.
    Then Skate 2 wouldn’t work either, but I got further on in the game, it stalled in gameplay.
    Then my mate gave me Read Dead Redemption, and it loads until a certain point then it just sends me back to the dashboard. When at the Dashboard, nothing happens.
    Could I just be in need of a new Xbox? >,<

  • Jamii

    does anyone know how to undo an auto save on a game due to this particular save being corupt but the auto save before it being fine?

  • Jamii

    btw thats for fallout new vegas my xbox is fine with every other save and i have no other freezing but on fallout new vegas

  • Luke

    I turn my xbox 360 on and when it says xbox at the start it just freezes I have just made it start working from the red ring of death

  • jack

    played cod black ops four about a month all ok then i put my xbox up right and it keeped freezeing so i put it back down flat and all was ok but then i went on the zombie map on balck ops and it keeped frezzing so i restarted the xbox 360 all was ok played the same map and i got to the same place on the map and it keeps freezeing about 40mins into the game but if i go and play campain i can play that four 2 hours with out it frezzing once so i dont know if it is something to do with the disk or the xbox but need to know so i can take the game back to the shop and get it fixed. but i dont went to hav to pay out four a repair and maybe a new disk has enyone got eny ideas on how to fix it.

  • pat

    mine froze the other day playing nhl 11, i tried call of duty black ops and it froze too. they always freeze right when your about to play. i then put in call of duty modern warfare two and it got the rrod bottom right. with E71. but thats the only game that says E71 nd gives the rrod. ive tried everything ive heard of any other ideas. i currently dont have it hooked up to a ethernet cable so no online stuff or updates.

  • Brock

    This took care of the problem thank you 🙂 it was overheating and i had to clear the cache. Simple problems but i was hella overthinking it and now it’s fine. Thanks again 🙂

  • Jen

    my xbox keeps freezing within like 5 seconds of being turned on, I’ve taken it apart and gave it a blow job with compressed air and it still is freezing no matter what game, even on the xbox screen. There are no red lights and I don’t know what to do. Someone help me please!!!

  • I did every thing it said to do…but now when i turn off my xbox the green light turns off but is still running for about 5 or 10 seconds and right before it turnes off the green light flashes once and turns off…..i think it also did it earlier today…….im gettin worried any suggestions?

  • Nathan

    Thank you sincerely for this guide I have gone through tree xbox’s in the last month (all used and without warranty) and this has finally revealed that the freezing problem was with my hard drive.

  • Anthony

    Everytime I’m playing Oblivion, my xbox freezes during important parts of the game! It’s killin me! I thought it was the disc, so i took it to a local shop that repairs the disc, almost 100%.. I came home, same day, i purchased Shivering Isles… I turned it on, 30minutes into playing, the game froze up again! i tried 3 times, and samething happened.. Help Me!

  • Joshua

    Thanks, the issue for me was the surge protector!

  • Anonymous

    My Xbox 360 has been doing the same thing! Its not a problem with the hard drive, because i took it out and still froze! We purchased Guitar Hero 5 about a month ago, and that disc was corrupt. And i had been DYING to get Guitar Hero 2. So we ordered it from Amazon. After i get it i put it in, try to play the first song in career mode, and the screen just freezes. Then the audio just repeats itself, like a scratched record. Then the audio goes BLANK! Why does it ALWAYS happen to new games i get??!! Please reply.

  • J’Anne

    Matt thank you so much for taking your time to give folks like me a course on how to the enjoy Xbox. My only knowledge of the console is that it had better turn on. When Obvilion began freezing or chapters loaded before the opening sequence of the game itself, I knew something was wrong. No way did I wish to begin the game again! Cleaning out the cache worked like a charm. I say, two thumbs up’ to you.

  • Kristian

    Thanks for the help with issue nb. 3. but i didnt need to do the x, x, left b, right b, x and x. u just have to press y over hard drive and select ”delete cache”. Thanks.

  • ryan

    my games on demand copy of resident evil 4 keeps freezing after the first cutscene, yes ive deleted the game from my hard drive and redownloaded, yes i used the tips above, is there anything else i can do?

  • Julian

    Everyone thinks thats its the XBox is overheating, but its really the power supply (the huge grey box looking thing) thats what you have to worry about. My XBox overheats randomly and I check to see if the console is overheated, but no, its cool. Its the power supply thats hot as hell. So next time you guys play your 360, make sure the power supply is in a ventilated area

  • trent

    hi my xbox keeps on freezing when i play online it is brand new iv had it for 3monthsi know its not my net connection cuz i can watch netflix somebody please help me im am dieing

  • Hi

    I tried playing Space Marine yesterday. It applied an update and since then my Xbox keeps crashing, when before it was fine.

    8 times in 1 hr with Space Marine – sometimes before I even got to the options screen – and 4 times in 1 hr with Lego Pirates of the Carribean, getting more frequent all the time.

    I do not have the red ring of death and have tried clearing the memory cache but all to no avail. Could it be the update that’s caused this?

    Any help would be most appreciated.

  • Ian

    When I play Fallout New Vegas and I go into a Casino, when they confiscate my weapons and finish talking to me, the image freezes but the game music still plays, how can I fix this problem?

  • Gears of War fan

    For me I try to play my new Gears of War 3 and my xbox freezes right before a match is about to begin. It only freezes on a certian profile. I am out of options and I need help.

  • Fix

    For me it seems the fix was the surge protector (NOT circuit breaker ^) limiting the power. Make sure the 360 is plugged straight into the wall with no other extensions or protectors. It comes built in already.

  • Omar

    My Xbox freezed like 4 times just now after a few minutes playing skyrim, Ive been playing it a lot without problems and now I’m letting myy Xbox cool which I think may be the problem. And my skyrim is installed too. Could this be bethesda’s fault? I see plenty of Oblivion complaints.

  • Anonymous

    my dead island game keeps freezing on one of my profiles but i works with my other ones. its a new disk and i just want to know how to fix it. i cant figure out whats wrong. HELP!

  • jason

    i buyed just cause 2 and i have it like 4 day’s i played the first day and it had no problems and then day 2 again no problems, the third day i played it and it freezes i restarted my xbox and i played just cause 2 for like 1 hour and then on an other spot and timing it freezes back? can u help me please?

  • paul uk

    i had three red lights i fixed that problem with thermal paste and boosting the fans …see…. 12 volt fan mod on u tube ..THEN my xbox froze AND KEPT DOIN SO 2 MIN INTO EVERY GAME OHHH MAN was i sick i tried every thing over and over again and then i found the xbox OVEN TRICK …PLEASE DO THIS AT UR OWN RISK …FOR ME IT WAS THE LAST OPTION . istripped my xbox down to the mother board and baked it in a pre heated oven at 140 degrees cenegrate for 10 min …i left it too cool over night … and vola my xbox is workin again im soo happy and hope this helps any1 else..there is vids on utube i think search xbox oven ….happy gaming peeps

  • Frannie

    For me, the only way the XBOX will work is if we warm it up for about 10-15 minutes by leaving it on and doing nothing (or leaving it on while it RROD flashes). I cleaned out the vents and was about to send it in for repairs when about 3 weeks later I decided to let it warm up before using it and voila` — it worked. Now we can use it fine as long as it’s warmed up. During the warmup we can’t watch Netflix or play games, in fact, doing nothing is the best idea. If we don’t warm it up it crashes and often gets a RROD when we try to start it up again. But it’s definitely very much usable — no need to spend 100 bucks on repairs and it should last up until either then 720 comes out or the slim gets really cheap.

  • mw

    Ok so this seems weird it recognizes my hard drive when in the dashboard or any other game besides fallout new vegas. I was just playing it b4 I went christmas shopping I came back and it says the storage unit I used to save previously is not there.

  • Bri

    Why does my xbox freeze sometimes, VERY RARELY, then I turn it off, turn it back on & it red-rings. It only happens occasionally. But then if I wait a little bit, it’s okay? And I can play again. I have a refurbished 250 gb hard drive, and it scares me because I don’t want to think it’s okay, and I keep using it & it hurts it in the long road. Understand?! HELP ME! D:

  • Joe

    my daughters new xbox freezes when playing movie dvds any help gratefully appreciated

  • Dave

    Thanks for the info, My problem of Gears of War 3 freezing while I was playing must be do to a faulty 250gb Hard Drive.
    After Reformatting the hard drive it still would freeze up during play. I then tested it out using a 16gb USB drive and had no problems. the hard drive must be at fault.

  • bob

    none of this worked i opened my xbox up and put new thermal paste on it.Its not under warranty any more every time i go online it freezes it is not my internet connection im at a lose right now it worked when i first turned it on now it just keeps freezing

  • ViableNutria797

    Hello, I have this obvoius problem. First i put in Sega Superstars Tennis and it freezes right after i pick my character.
    Virtua Tennis 3 freezes directly on the sega logo.
    Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas says disk read error. (idk why but its clean no scratches). What am I suppossed to do?
    By The Way, My XBL Gamertag is MendedKitten44. Feel free to contact me there and add me as a friend.

  • drake

    ok i need help with a little live problem it takes a couple min to load the dashboard and after that every once a while it will say problem occured while signing in i go to xbox live support and everything fine and i get back on and it does the same thing what would be wrong internet is fine

  • 88ryan99

    it is a shame that this is my 2nd Xbox 360 that freezes up with my FIFA 12, when I try to Download the latest squads when it reaches the 100% it freezes, then I try to install my FIFA 12 with my Disc inside and when I play it it freezes again while Downloading the latest squads, and it ALSO freezes up when I’m trying Play Manager mode it freezes there as well……People say this does NOT happens with Play Station 3 also there is no way a PS3 could Scratch a Disc. XBOX is sad :'(

  • MO

    Only recently did my Xbox start acting up. It would work for about 10 minutes, then suddenly freeze causing lines to appear on screen. However, once I cleared my hard drive cache somewhat (similar to the directions in the article), my Xbox started working again working for more than 10 minutes without a freeze! I’m very pleased with this article because I was very worried that I would have to buy another one! THANKS 🙂

  • Dave

    My madden 12 was freezing on me, I rented the same game and it still freezes. Any help please all of my other games work fine

  • j

    my 360 freezes when i play mortal kombat i press start 5 seconds later it freezes my xbox no matter what i do i hit a game mode really quick and when it is done loading it freezes. i noticed if i dont press start it dosent freeze this is bull shit

  • Gaiden

    my freezes after watching so many videos in the video player, (fast forwarding, stopping and exiting, etc.) is that HDD related? the thing is I need the optional media update to even watch my videos.

  • David

    Thanks very much for taking the time to write this post! Fixed my problem perfectly 🙂

  • cody

    my 360 tends to freeze when playing reach ODST and COD WaW, i’ve cleared the cache formatted, everything, any ideas on what could be wrong with it?

  • Luke

    Grr, moved from my apartment to a house and I unpacked my Xbox and tried to play Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed and it’ll crash every time. It varies when it does crash, but it will never last any longer than five minutes. I am always very careful with my electronics, but this Microsoft bullshit really sucks. Trying to use these games to teach my girlfriend how to drive a standard (be able to tell when to shift) but haven’t been able to play a goddamn thing since moving. I’m going to save up and buy a Playstation. Fuck Xbox.

  • Trent

    I’m trying to play Borderlands and its downloaded to the hard drive but keeps freezing and I don’t know what to do

  • J

    my xbox started to freeze when i downloaded my online pass for battlefield 3 then i went to play la noire and after 3 mins it froze. my xbox is on its side and next to a wall so it may be overheating also the vent that the air comes out of is extremely hot. is that the problem? or is it something else?

  • Anonymous

    my xbox 360 freezes when ever i am playing madden 13 and attempt to invite a friend to a party to talk

  • Please help my Xbox360 keeps freezing when I play skyrim like when I open a door right in the same spot I tried everything HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

  • Michael

    My xbox had 3 rings of death I fixed it and was working like new the next day it got the 3 rings agen so I fixed it agen then it would not work on live the next day I played it agen with out live and naw it freezes idk what to do can anyone help me??

  • Mr. Excited

    You sir just saved my night!

  • NPP51

    The mine craft update came out and I try to switch my world to creative mode then 5 seconds later it freaking freezes even though it’s an arcade game

  • brax

    i have had many promblems with my 5 year old xbox
    i have only had this promblem 4 four months
    its freeze at randoms times in many games and i NEED HELP
    i just got power amour and gatling laser
    its a BIG promblem and i have had the ring of DEATH
    before but i fixed it myself

  • Eric

    I have the Xbox slim and it freezes on games, startup and just randomly. What is the fix for this…??

  • Primess

    My Xbox360 (Old White One) keeps freezing after playing for 10 minutes of Minecraft, Black Ops2 etc… Will not let me get back to dash board. I have cleaned cache and removed the hard drive, instaled new hard drive and yet still freezes 10 mins into the game. What could be wrong with it and is it fixable?

  • Delta Recon

    Instead of the towel trick, unplug the Xbox take two q-tips strip the cotton off tge ends put one in each fan to keep it from spinning. Turn on your xbox you will have the red ring of death. Wait about 5-6 minutes then it will go to two rings unplug the xbox again wait a few minutes then take out the q-tips and turn the xbox back on and it will be working fine.

  • hhhh

    I can play for like 5 or 10 minutes then it comply freezes if I’m in a party I hear the person and the middle button doesn’t even work I turned it off for an hour and it still happen

  • Anonymous

    My fan is loud but I have the inter cooler attachment so no worrys for leaving it in tight areas also now that I know the main cord has a circuit breaker I can take it off A circuit breaker….

    Reading these kinda helped made me think anyways but my problem is when I say go on Netflix watch something and press the Xbox button on my contrôlée and tap y then switch to another thing like trials sometimes it will do the fade to black but stay black and I’ve left my Xbox on for half hour to see if it was just loading but it completely froze then I did the same thing after about a week but different pattern and it did the fade to black and again stayed black but I pressed the Xbox button and it popped up but once I pressed it again it froze so acouple days pass I do the same thing Netflix then switch to trials then again fades to black but this time I hold down the Xbox button on my controller and I’m able to turn it off so I do the count 10 seconds so I repeat my steps Netflix, home, but I wait this time like 2minutes then try and start trials so it fades to black and stops for about 2 seconds but loads so why does this happen??? Any answer would be great

  • Henry

    I try to play MLB 2k12 and it loads all my settings and then freezes right after. It always freezes in the same spot. I tried these tips but they didn’t work 🙁

  • Martin

    While playing carrer mode on nba 2 k 13 after playing one game and going to guit to play the next one it freezes. i just baught my conosle on sunday its only been a few days now. how can i resolve this problem.

  • Orlando w

    Hi my Xbox360 system keep on stopping the game from playing keep on happening about 2 or 3 minute

  • Orlando w

    Hi Please help me my game keeps on freezing on my xbox 360

  • wyatt

    My xbox is fine and like brand new until i try to login to xbox live? And when i finnaly do its super slow

  • eric boutin

    i had freezing problems too on the slim model. sometimes it freezes while playing and not only in one game. it happened in nhl 13 and tiger 13 because those are the games i play the most. looks like having a fan doesnt change much because i have a side fan and it freezes anyway. i think that this 360 console was not well made and does overheat from time to time which causes the system to crash. lets hope the xbox one wont do that. its too bad that a product from such a big company has so much problems with overheating.

  • Mike

    My xbox freezes when i am trying to play a game like when i play gta 5 in the first missons with those 2 cars, when i drive a lil bit it start freezing. also with my black ops 2 when im trying to play campaign or zombies it starts freezing this is kinda with every game please help. (sorry for my bad english im from holland)

  • anon

    if u have a white xbox give up, throw it away, its out of date and useless for any games released in 2013

  • RJ

    when i turn on my xbox, it imediatly freezes. the furthest we got was 10 minuites into a game untill it froze. now it gets to the sphere and the x intro screen and freezes there. nothing i do helps. any suggestions, or am i skrewed?

  • Jamie

    I have the new shape xbox 360. When playing gta v online I am having a problem with freezing. I’ve checked the disc and it is in pristine condition with not a single mark or scratch on it. I have noticed that on the xbox home page where the tab that shows what game is in the xbox with a picture of the game on it, there is now a picture of a white disc on the picture. Have you ever come across this or know what it means? Thanks.

  • Kevin

    Ok so I just got my new Xbox 360 E and skyrim doesn’t work I even went to buffer it and it still doesn’t work and after that minecraft starts to not work either.Please help me find a Solution and if u can tell me more things to prevent my games from freezing.

    Kevin A.

  • Angelina

    My xbox is stuck on wide screen and i cant do multiplayer in minecraft, it keeps freezing and i cant afford to get a new one

    • Josh

      I actually had this issue before. I realize this is likely already resolved but multiplayer on minecraft requires using an hdmi connection

  • Matt

    Hiya, my 360 (White) is playing perfectly for about 3 minutes and then freezing, have tried all the “fixes” you suggested plus the graphics chip has been re x clamped and thermal pasted etc (today) and no joy.
    Any help would be very much appreciated.
    ps it was bought 2nd hand so no guarantee plus it’s probably more than 3 years old.
    thinking of using a big hammer!
    only bought a 2nd hand one as too skint to get a new one.
    Many thanks 🙂

  • Aaron

    Just got the dead island off the games with gold thing and every time I try to load into chapter 7 from the sewers it freezes only thing I haven’t done is re-download the game any suggestions or should I just get it over with?

    • Matt

      Hey Aaron. Sounds like it could be due to your cache. You’ll need to clear it.
      Have you also tried loading an earlier save? I’d also try deleting the game and re-downloading it fresh if neither of those work.
      Good luck 🙂

  • drewy baker

    Hello I would like some help I downloaded this new game called dishonored its a free xbox gold game and I have got to a certain part in the game in this building as I leave to go onto a different area it loads it up and after 3 to 4 seconds of loading it freezes and it keeps happening everytime in the same area do you have any ideas on how to fix it?

    • It sounds like it may be a problem with the Xbox 360 cache. I would recommend clearing that if you haven’t already? (step 3 of the guide above)

      • drewy baker

        I did as you said and cleared the cache but it still keeps on freezing at that certain point

        • In that case all I can think of is that the game download may have a corrupt file somewhere? I’d try removing the game (keep your saves!), clear cache again, restart console, then re-download/install the game. Other than that I don’t really know. I’d recommend trying the dishonoured website/forums if that last attempt doesn’t work?

  • Patrick

    Hi i two day ago my xbox started to work funny. Basically i turn it on it work but when i play a game it ether line in the tv going on or the xbox freezes when i try to lunch some game. Anybody have any ideal???

  • irtaza

    my xbox 360 is keep frezing while i am palying game or not playing game and it freze nothing coud open please tell me about this problem

  • Chris Simpson

    Do you know anything about the xbox freezing when you press the home button on the controller it does this every single time I press it now and it’s really getting annoying sometimes it unfreezes but after like 10 to 20 minutes I can’t join parties or check my messages or even look at my friends I’m just not sure what to do I cleared my cache I hard stopped my xbox just not sure what to do ??

    • thomopolese

      I’ve had this problem too. I found that backin out of whatever app/game you were using rather than just hitting the home screen button helps. I think what happens is its bogging down the processor because that game or app didn’t close thoroughly when you home buttoned it. Hope this helps.

  • ajb128128

    i get on my xbox and everything works fine i press the home button to go look at my friends and that seems to work fine intell i realise there pictures arnt loading there games arnt loading there achevments arnt loading nothings loading so i go to my best friend and invite him to a party and everything freezes instantly what do i do ive tried the steps above it wont work

  • Vixen Queen

    help my xbox keeps freezing when i play gta

    • 90001

      Cause Ur Xbox Is Shit Get Ur Money Up And Get A Ps4

  • Dylan Painter

    Mine freezes on the start up any ideas to help this?

  • Ashley Kaye Noland

    Hello, My Xbox keeps restarting after 5-25 mins of playing a game and when it restarts it gives me the red ring of death on my power button… Can you help me?

  • sarverhater22

    Hello, I was playing Lollipop Chainsaw on my Xbox 360 when the early scene with Juliet riding the bicycle to school suddenly made my controller keep shutting off ! I tried another controller and it also shut off during that same bicycle scene. Why is that ? Thanks.

  • Goprobro 1

    can you help? every time I try to play a match on FIFA 16 for Xbox 360 it crashes everything of the game works fine