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I originally wrote this little “guide” for another website, but I thought it would be a good idea to share here also. Below is a list of xbox 360 games that have easy achievements.

Avatar: The Legend Of Aang – The Burning Earth

Easy Xbox 360 AchievementsThis is probably the easiest game to earn a full 1000 achievement points. I managed to do it within about 5 minutes (including time taken to put the game in the xbox 360 and load it up).

Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie

The achievements in this game are fairly straightforward. You earn them simply by playing through the game. It’s hard to estimate the time taken as it was so long ago. I’d say it takes about 8 hours to get the full 1000. The game isn’t too hard and is quite enjoyable in certain parts.

TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This game is a bit of a no-brainer. I earned the full 1000 achievements in under 4 hours. This game was also quite fun which made the task not as painful as some games can be when trying to max out your gamerscore.

Bionicle Heroes

Easy 1000 achievement points, although it may take some time to get the full 100%. The game can be quite fun for kids that like blowing stuff up and looking for hidden collectibles. I found it a bit boring though.

Open Season

As odd as it may sound I thoroughly enjoyed this game and was actually a little disappointed when I completed it. I wanted more! The game is fun and great for kids. The 1000 achievements are fairly easy although there are two levels that are a bit of a b*tch to get 100%.

Surf’s Up

Yet another kids film made into a kids game. This isn’t too bad though. The game is simple and enjoyable enough. To 100% it can be a bit of a challenge, but not too hard. You can easily get 950 achievement points if you are not patient enough to collect everything. To get the full 1000 will probably only take you a couple of days in total.

Viva Pinata

This game is a bit weird but quite addictive. If you have the patience it is fairly easy to get the full 1000 gamerscore. I used a guide to help me get some of the hidden achievements. I didn’t quite have the time to get all 1000, but I racked up about 920 points pretty easily.

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

It is easy but enjoyable with a nice graphical style. You can get the full 1000 just by playing through the game, finding some collectibles, and upgrading your characters. Pretty straightforward, but might take you a few evenings to 100% each level.

Fight Night Round 3

This game is really easy to get 1000 achievements. A word of warning though, set the saving to manual so you can retry any fights you lose (i missed out on a chance to get 100 points because I lost an important fight and it auto-saved). Also turn on “illegal blows” to make the fights a lot easier to win.

Halo 3

Chances are you probably own this game already. Still, it belongs in here. It was really easy to get over 800 achievement points. I was a bit disappointed actually how easy it was to complete the game on legendary with a few friends online. To get the full 1000 relies a bit on chance and playing online continuously.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I’m not a huge fan of Harry Potter. My girlfriend forced me to watch it! The game itself also isn’t too bad. It’s a fairly easy getting the full 1000, but I didn’t really have the patience to play through it again on a harder setting. Do it on easy to get 900, then try it on hard to get the last 100 if you have time. I will probably return to this game one day 100% it.


I’m not good at games, but I managed to get 780 achievement points just playing through this. Tip: save all the “little sisters” to get an extra 100 gamerscore when you complete the game. If you kill/sacrifice one you will be kicking yourself as you get nothing for being evil (gamerscore wise).

2006 FIFA World Cup

Rubbish game. You can get 500 achievement points in one afternoon’s play. The other 500 take some time to get. Personally, I don’t have the patience for it.


This game is great fun! The achievements are easy and fun to get. I haven’t got them all myself, but I plan to come back to this game later in the future. I got 650 points (before the expansion came out) without trying particularly hard.

Viva Pinata – Party Animals

A fairly average party game but incredibly easy to get achievement points. So far I’ve only played it twice and got almost 400 achievement points. Have a few friends over to help make the time pass by a little quicker.

Matt has been hooked on games since he received his first console (a SEGA Mega Drive) for his 7th birthday. He now spends most of his time on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS, but will use any excuse for a retro gaming night.

Posted on January 20, 2009 | Last modified: 14th September 2015

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  • Anonymous

    The easiest game in the world is avatar, Halo 3 is easy to get if you know how to boost it. i do it all the time so if u need help with it my gamertag is HeriticShadow add me and send a message stating why. also college hoops 2k6 hour gameplay = 1000GS easy as hell only 5 achievements. bioshock 1 and 2 are easy. also dragon age origins.. another easy game is Fable 2 got all the achievements for the game and 2 dlcs in under 5 hours. not hard at all.

  • Anonymous

    Left 4 Dead 2 Has easy achievments but it is hard to get the achievments with high GS such as the Complete all campaigns on expert but other than that it is pretty is with 2-4 players.

  • Anonymous

    Fable II is really easy 100% achievments in 681 mins And very very very FUN!!! with ADD ONS!

  • Anonymous

    Dirt 2 is a very awesome and 750 achievments just in career but online achievments are sorta hard for noobies. But i have 100% on achievments for this game.

  • Nick

    Oh, wow. Avatar is easiest. But NBA 2k6 is a very close second, and King Kong doesn't COMPETE.
    Manipulate the sliders and you can get all approximately 6-7 of 2k6's achievements in one game. Stuff like a triple-double, 15 threes with a team, 140 points with a team. Simple.

  • Anonymous

    fable 2 earns u a lot of gamer points and its an amazing game

  • Anonymous

    I find cod 4 is an easy one I get get a full 1000g in one play through,, takes about 5 hours and at least it is a good game.

  • Anonymous

    modern warfare 2 is easy. veteran is easy and the spec ops/campaign side achievements are easy. spec ops is hard in some places. just play co op and it shoud take u a day or 2. gears of war is easy, just beat on casual, hardcore and insane and collect all cog tags.theres a bunch of multiplayer achievements that are fun. also theres a ambulance in ocean achievement glitch in just cause witch u about 15 achievements. left 4 dead is easy too. thers an achievement were u have to kill 53,000 sumthin zombies.cod 2 is hard on veteran but u only have to beat veteran(or any difficulty for 2 ach.). only 13 achievements. cod 3 is also easy in some places, cod 4, annd the simpsons game is easy too

  • Matt

    Transformers 2 easy and fun nfs undercover same fun and easy ummm pgr 4 and ummm assassins creed 2 and 1 fable 2 is was my first game i loved it a bit to easy tho ohhh and banjo kazooie : n&b

  • Dave

    Cod4 is ridiculously easy to do as it’s just the veteran missions, however the mile high club is extremely difficult if your not a natural shooting game expert. Took me a few tries but it’s also a really fun game so you know, above average

  • Anthony

    ok, oblivion the elder scrolls IV is a special case. the achievments are not hard at all if u put the difficulty bar the whole way to the left. the achievments are bassically for ex. doing all the fighters guild quests doing all the arena quests… etc. and after u finish all the guild quests and then u do the storyline and the storyline achievments will unlock as you do the storyline. like i said.. very very easy but requires alot of running so sorta time consuming.. but the game is massivly awsome so sometimes ull just forget about the achievments at times. so this is the perfect achievement game..easy- mid difficulty, 25 hours for em all. and the achievments are very strait forward.

  • A lot of the Madden NFL cames are really easy to get 1000g on also..

    I managed to get 1000 on Madden (2008 I think?) in an afternoon.

  • Ken

    While Crackdown has a ton of easy achievements there are also a ton of time consuming and difficult ones. I don’t know if I’d put it on this list. I think WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 was the easiest I’ve played and the first I got a full 1000 points. The only other ones I’ve got 100% on were Just Cause 2, Fallout 3, and New Vegas, but they took a lot of time and a little web assistance.

  • Steve

    Nothing will ever top Avatar TLA:TBE but second place definately goes to Terminator Salvation. You’ll get all of the achievements on hard in less than one day.

  • jack

    resident evil 5 is good for gamer score i have 1215 gamerscore just need good team member to complete pro

  • zach

    avatar is ridiculous takes 5mins to get full 1000

  • Mizaun

    I would suggest either BLAZING ANGELS for a quick 1000. Call of Duty 2 is another on for an easy 1000 with the added plus of it being a fun game. I mean you get a nice amount for each mission you finish. Madden 06 is another, while I don’t have the full 1000 I have 600. You get the last 400 in one shot for finishing a 30year season. Which is why I don’t have that one. Another, NHL 2K6 is very kind with its points. In one game I got all but 1 of the 5 achievements. Which is an easy 750. Just for playing the game you get them. Well there are a few if you are looking for quick and easy points.

  • merl

    Green lantern was extreamly easy. Easier if you do it co-op. Disneys up was a very easy game nothing too it tbh. Need for speed most wanted you get every achievement just for completing the game. Super hero squad tig ie easy 1500 nothing to that and eragon is very easy to 1000 as well hope this helps y’all

  • merl

    Add me if you want to know any other easier games or if u just wanna hand. GT The Merl Theory

  • Joe

    MW2 is easy, so is halo3 and fallout 3

  • Footgeir

    Lost: Via domus or something like that. I think i played through it in one day. Got all achievments but 1, and had to redo some of 1 “episode”…

    My easiest 1000 gamer score

  • Austin

    NFS Most Wanted is super easy there’s only 15 achievements and all you have to do is play the career

  • Shay

    So weird that nobody said CSI part 1 or needed for speed most wanted where all you have to do is beat the games even tho NFS gets a lil cheap towards the end but easy still

  • Dean

    scene it games are good for achievements if ur into films, i not good at films but managed to get 500 points couple hours just stuck on few as like i sed not really into films lol but for films fans id get it, its fun when friends round to

  • charlie

    You forgot to add Need For Speed Most Wanted to the list. You get achievements just for beating bosses. The final achievement is worth 340G!

  • Rogue09

    What are people talking about? Fable 2 was one of the worst Achievement games in history!

    1) You HAVE to play online to 100% because you only get one doll type per game, and need to trade for additional dolls with other people. All people ended up doing was cheating by passing along doll sets to all their friends to get past this stupid achievement

    2) One of the gestures you needed ONLY came with the Fable board game. They fixed this in a DLC that came out later, but you still needed to get the DLC in order to get the gesture (or dog trick… I don’t remember). A game should not require the purchase of ANOTHER game OR DLC to get the ORIGINAL 1000 points.

    3) I just plain hated the game too. Fable 1 was amazing, but fable 2 was… just boring. The equivilant of the Lego games. Good fun for kids because the rest of the game you’re just repeating the same thing over and over again.

  • Ah Linkin

    Okaysome people on here are idiots. let me give you guys a simple, cheap list for an easy 13,000+

    Xmen the official game little bit of work but pretty easy 1000

    jurassic the hunted- easy enough 800 the last 200 is pretty simple but can be annoying.

    terminator salvation- beat it on hard to get all 1000

    deadly premonition-creepy, and fun. beat it for the 1000

    bioshock infinate-easy 600 or more with work. (samewith all other bioshocks)

    NFS most wanted- beat it for 1000

    Halo games and cod games obviously large chunk of gamerscore and very fun.

    jumper- easy 1000 few collectables but nothing crazy

    surfs up-suprisingly fun some work but enjoyable game easy 1000

    lollipop chainsaw- fun, sexy and just great. easy 750+

    borderlands games- long gameplay but very fun and easy 800 each if not more with dlc

    spec ops the line- fun game, easy 800 or more

    king kong- fun, classic and easy 100 for beating it

    rogue warrior, bit dated but fun. easy 800 (cant get multiplayer without some kind of boosting)

    far cry 3- phenominal game. easy 800+ collectables and co op for 1000

    avatar obviously

    the mass effect series is one of the best, you will dump propbably 100 hours into the 3 but absolutely worth the gameplay and story. easy and fun way to get like 2500 between the 3 disincludign dlc

    condemned- old but scary and fun. only has 975G but easy 800

    nba 2k6- easy 1000 for less than 30 mins work

    shellshock 2- i 1000d it in abotu 2 days.