Full List of Kinect Voice Commands for Xbox One

xbox one kinect voice commandsWith the new Xbox One I’ve noticed (heard) a lot of people using Kinect commands online. More so it seems than on the 360, with the most common phrase being “Xbox, record that”.

Until recently I had my Kinect turned off, but recently gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised! It feels very user friendly, with a lot of commands being rather intuitive. However, I did wonder exactly what phrases worked with the hardware, so I’ve provided the list below which highlights all of the current Xbox One Kinect commands you can use. I hope this helps many of you.

Getting Around

If you want to…Say this…
Turn on your Xbox One console (works only when Instant-On power mode is enabled)Xbox On
Turn off your Xbox One consoleXbox, turn off”
Return to the Home screenXbox, go home” or “Show my stuff
Open and go to a particular application (for example, Xbox Music or Xbox Video)Xbox, go to <application name>”
Go back to the previous screenXbox, go back
Cancel the current actionXbox, cancel
Snap a particular applicationXbox, snap <application name>”
Unsnap a snapped applicationXbox, unsnap
Switch focus between snapped view and main viewXbox, switch
Search using BingXbox, Bing <subject or topic>”
View the context menuXbox, show menu
Change view (same as pressing the View button)Xbox, change view
Display the on-screen HelpXbox, help

Note When you do a Bing search, wait for the search box to display before telling the console what to search for.


If you want to…Say this…
Bring up a list of your contactsXbox, Skype
View the contact details of your Skype contactXboxSkype <person>”
Start a video call using SkypeXboxcall <person>”
Answer a video callXbox, answer
Answer a voice callXbox, answer without video
Hang up or end a callXbox, hang up
Send an Xbox Live message to a friendXbox, send a message

& Profiles

If you want to…Say this…
Go to the sign-in page to sign in to any profileXbox, sign in
Sign-in to a specific account (use the first name on the account)“Xbox, sign in as <person>”
Sign out of the active profileXbox, sign out
Scan a QR code for a game or downloadable contentXbox, use a code


If you want to…Say this…
See your notification historyXbox, notifications
See more details about a notification that appearsXbox, show notification
Dismiss a notification that is on the screenXbox, close notification
Answer an incoming call when the notification appearsXbox, answer
Answer an incoming call without video when the notification appearsXbox, answer without video

Video & Music

If you want to…Say this…
Play video contentXbox, play
Pause video contentXbox, pause
Rewind to a previous pointXbox, rewind
Fast forward to a future pointXbox, fast forward
Rewind or fast forward at a faster paceXbox, faster
Rewind or fast forward at a slower paceXbox, slower
Skip to the previous chapterXbox, skip backward
Skip to the next chapterXbox, skip forward
Stop playback of the contentXbox, stop
Play music, starting with the last active playlistXbox, play music
Pause the trackXbox, pause music
Skip forward to the next track of a playlist or albumXbox, next song
Skip backward to the previous track of a playlist or albumXbox, previous song

Note Xbox Music must be active to use music commands.


If you want to…Say this…
Watch live TVXbox, watch TV
Display the OneGuideXbox, show guide
Watch a specific channelXbox, watch <channel name>”


If you want to…Say this…
Mute your televisionXbox, mute
Unmute your televisionXbox, unmute
Increase the television volumeXbox, volume up
Decrease the television volumeXbox, volume down


If you want to…Say this…
Invite a friend to a game or chatXbox, invite <name>”
Record a game clip or highlightXbox, record that

Microsoft have also provided this useful downloadable PDF which covers Kinect commands and gestures for Xbox One.

Download Kinect Commands and Gestures Xbox One PDF


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Posted on February 5, 2014 | Last modified: 5th February 2014