GXP Blog is now My Gamer XP!

GXP Blog is now MyGamerXP

Since 2009, GXP Blog has been a fantastic outlet for me to talk about one of my greatest passions – gaming. Over time, life got in the way with numerous distractions that required me to focus my efforts elsewhere. Amidst the chaos it was incredibly hard to find the time and balance work/life with blogging. It’s still something I struggle with now from time to time, but at the beginning of this year (2014) I decided to take this “hobby” more seriously; updating GXP Blog and working towards some of my ambitions.

I am happy to announce that as of today, GXP Blog is formally transitioning over to My Gamer XP. What?! Why?! How?! I know – there are a lot of questions, and I will do my best to answer them all. So here goes…

Why Has GXP Blog Changed to MyGamerXP?

GXP Blog started off as… well… a blog. I used to spend a lot of time leaving comments on other blogs, forums and social media, but felt that I’d really like a centralised place to post in my own style and format. Over time it gained more traffic, the Internet has evolved and it feels like this really needs to be more than just a “blog”. So today, the name is changing for a two main reasons:

1. The name wasn’t clear enough – “GXP Blog” was used as a short name to help people remember the website address. Also, a lot of the good names I thought up had already been taken. I settled for this and a lot of people were wondering “what does GXP stand for?”. No one really knew. It stood for “Gaming Experience” – so the blog was about my own experiences and opinions. My initial website name was short-sighted, even though I find the “GXP” name quite catchy. It just wasn’t obvious enough to people that GXP was about gaming. So I’ve had to fix that.

2. My Gamer XP will be more than just a blog – The name didn’t reflect the overall picture. Sure, the website started out as a blog, but that’s not 100% of what it is today or what it will be in the future. My Gamer XP will be about my gaming experiences and yours – great people in the community! It will also extend to online videos, collaborations, streams/live events and more – much more than just the odd blog article.

The Mission and Vision for My Gamer XP

Those of you who read my previous article called “Getting to the next level” will already have an idea of what I want to achieve. The core goals for My Gamer XP are to:

  • Improve the content I create
  • Provide content on a more regular basis
  • Collaborate with other gamers
  • Help promote great people in the gaming community
  • Highlight how gaming can help people. Positive news.
  • Help gaming-related causes/charities

Plans for the Years Ahead

Today, I’m setting a foundation for the future. The new name change is a first step, but there are many more to come. This website has evolved from a humble blog and will continue to do so.

1. To Build a Great Team – I understand that I can only take this website so far on my own. Some of you may already know that my friend Tom posted a few articles this year. I’ve also had a few discussions with some other great people who are interested in supporting this website. So over time there may be a team of us working together on a regular basis.

2. More Involvement with the Gaming Community – I spend a LOT of time on Twitter as I’ve found it a great place to interact with gamers. I’ve also recently branched out onto YouTube and Twitch where I hope to meet even more. I’ve got some exciting plans for the future which I need to keep under-wraps for the moment. I’ve met some fantastic people so far though and I’m really looking forward to the journey ahead.

3. To Make This Website Self-Sufficient – This particular point is not essential, more of a personal goal. The work/life balance is HARD and I already have a lot of commitments. I would love to be able to purchase better equipment and more games, as well as spending more time on creating articles and videos. I don’t think it’s impossible and it would be one hell of a dream job, so I may as well add it to the list. Who knows what could happen?

MyGamerXP Hopes

4. Continue to Improve – As always I will want the site to get better and better. This will be done by experimenting with content and technology, interacting with the community and listening to feedback. My Gamer XP will be the voice of my own experiences and gaming nostalgia, but I also want to help make it a platform to share yours too. This has always been the core purpose of this website, so I can’t wait to see and show you where we go from here!

Notable Changes and Announcements

As of today, a lot of the social media profiles have changed. There were a few I couldn’t change or find a better URL for. You should be updated automatically, but if not, please note the following:

  • The twitter account is now @mygamerxp
  • The Instagram profile is now @mygamerxp
  • The facebook page is now MyGamerXP
  • The YouTube channel is still at http://www.youtube.com/user/GXPblogTV
  • The Google+ Page is the same at http://plus.google.com/+Gxpblog/
  • Email – I can still be reached via the previous e-mail address.

Naturally, as with any shift of this magnitude, there’ll be some bugs to work out. Please be patient as I fix a few things, but I’d also love your help – if you discover anything broken/not working right with the content, website, or social profiles, please let me know by tweeting @mygamerxp or by using the contact form.

Thank You!

Finally, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you so much for helping a tiny little blog turn into something so fun and rewarding. I’m overwhelmed by the support, offers of help, the kind words, and the incredible community that has built up around GXP Blog over the years. You’ve made me love what I do, turned this “hobby” into so much more, and I look forward to the future.

With hugs, love, and gratitude,

– Matt

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Posted on November 6, 2014 | Last modified: 6th November 2014