Mix the World Cup into Your Gaming Schedule

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Love football or hate it, there’s something that draws you into being a part of the World Cup each time it comes around every four years. For football fans, the appeal is obvious, but for non-footie fans because there’s such intense media coverage of the tournament, you still tend to want to know what’s going on, even if you don’t sit down to watch every World Cup match.

Keep an Eye on the Score from Your Console

So, say you’re spending time playing on your gaming console; how do you find out the latest scores from the World Cup without quitting what you’re doing? Microsoft has just launched a TV integration feature called OneGuide, which has a dashboard World Cup themed page called Destination Brazil and a Brazil Now snap app. Although the app doesn’t stream the matches onto the console, you can snap real-time stat-tracking info and pull in commentary from Twitter on the side of your screen.

For PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360, you can livestream the BBC games using the iPlayer, and PS3 also has the ITV Player app, so you can watch games on a console this way. The PS4 BBC Sport app also livestreams any BBC Matches.

Gaming Options If You’re Watching on TV

If you have put the console to one side so that you can concentrate on the football, there are plenty of different gaming options for filling the time when you’re watching a match or the build-up to another. One of the best choices is to play online bingo or casino games. They only take a few minutes at a time, and you can flit in and out of playing as the mood takes you or depending on how exciting the football proves to be.

Many of the casino and bingo sites have promotions based around the World cup – they know that their players will be watching the World Cup, and they’re doing all they can to tie-in with the tournament. The World Cup promotion on bgo is similar to those you’ll find at other sites like 888casino and SkyVegas. Actor Verne Troyer is the new face of bgo, aka The Boss, and bgo’s promo is based around him. The Boss has taken a position that England doesn’t have a chance of winning the World Cup, let alone getting through the Group stages. And he’s so certain about this that he’s offering 100% cash back on losses if England makes it through to the final in Rio de Janeiro on 13th July and win.

Bingo is a perfect way to fill the time between matches or when it’s half-time and you’ve had enough all of the analysis. You can even play bingo during the matches because you don’t need to actually do anything beyond buying a ticket to play. The software takes care of the daubing of the numbers as the number calls are made and if you pre-buy a ticket and don’t happen to login while the game is taking place, your ticket will still play through anyway.

Win or lose it doesn’t really matter; it just adds to the fun of playing games and enjoying the World Cup at the same time.

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Posted on June 20, 2014 | Last modified: 20th June 2014