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Too Human Xbox 360 GameAt the weekend I stumbled across an offer for Too Human. After reading a number of negative reviews I still could not pass up on an action RPG for only £9.98. (especially as I was looking for another co-op game to play with my girlfriend’s son).

Not long after loading the game I could already see why people were disappointed in this game. The graphics were okay in some sections but quite poor in others (a bit like Prey I guess), the voice acting wasn’t up to much, the dialogue was pretty poor, and the combat (along with the camera) felt a bit.. broken. For some reason I stuck with it though. I died a few times (witnessing the unskippable death animation), but gradually continued my way through the first level/world.

I think it was about 1 or 2 hours into the game that I actually began to enjoy the game. There was a huge number of different items and armour types (which I loved.. I hate RPGs where all your friends characters look the same), and I was beginning to get the hang of combat.

After enjoying the delights of Fable 2 this game appears rushed and really flawed, but there is something underlying that is quite addictive. something I can’t quite put my finger on. I managed to try my hand at the co-op mode (with my girlfriend’s son) and this is where I have had the most enjoyment so far (the camera in this mode is a big improvement over the Fable 2 online co-op settings).

So far…


  • Fun Co-op with a friend (better than Fable 2)
  • Lots of weapons and armor (that actually looks different rather than just a new skin)
  • Ability to create weapons and armors from blueprints
  • Quite challenging, but not too much
  • Barely any loading screens (I don’t think I’ve noticed any actually. Although I’m sure there is one or two somewhere)


  • Cannot skip the death animation
  • Combat with the right analogue stick feels unatural
  • Story is a little.. boring or slow?
  • Not enough variety in the enemies
  • The game’s instruction manual isn’t very helpful with explaining some of the ingame options

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Posted on January 19, 2009 | Last modified: 19th January 2009