Deal of the Week – Fable Xbox Original

Why not to buy or download the Fable Xbox Original - get the lost chapters insteadXbox Live Marketplace – Xbox Original Fable 33% off – this week only!

Sounds pretty sweet doesn’t it? For those who missed out on Fable the first time round, you may be thinking this is a great opportunity at the lowered price of 800MS points.

You are wrong.

For some reason, Microsoft (or Lionhead) decided the best idea would be to make the inferior version available for download. That’s right, this is in fact the original version of Fable, and not the updated/improved “Lost Chapters” version.

So what are you getting for your money (around £7)?

Don’t get me wrong, the first Fable game is the reason I purchased my original Xbox in the first place. The game looked just too awesome to miss out on, and it was. It was not long after though that Fable: The Lost Chapters was released.

Most people thought that “The Lost Chapters” didn’t really offer much new content to warrant purchasing it if they already owned the original, but for me the newer version felt so much more complete. The story seemed to make a bit more sense as characters appeared in cut scenes a bit more, areas felt populated/alive thanks to having an extended development time, there were some new quests, items, and areas to explore, and overall the package just felt more “finished”.

So why on earth didn’t Microsoft (or Lionhead) release this version on the “Xbox Originals” download list?

I have no idea.

So before you attempt to download this having being tempted by the offer, think about these points:

  • You are getting the inferior version of the game
  • You can get a copy of “Fable: The Lost Chapters” for cheaper than the current offer price
  • The download version offers nothing new (no achievements, updates, or online features)
  • Downloading this will take up precious space on the Xbox 360’s tiny Hard Drive

I appreciate Microsoft’s offer, I really do. But I think this time I will give it a miss. So far the weekly deals have been a bit of a let down for me. Fingers crossed for something better next week.

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Posted on March 17, 2009 | Last modified: 17th March 2009