How to Beat Seth in Street Fighter IV

How to beat Seth from street fighter iv 4 easily / the easy wayAfter struggling a little bit with C.Viper last night (possibly the character I am worst with), I spent some time looking for some useful guides and videos in order to beat Seth as easily as possible. Those who read my recent Street Fighter IV Tips article should be able to win with atleast one or two characters, but you need to finish the game with every character in order to unlock Akuma.

Unfortunately the last boss Seth is a bit of a nightmare and uses loads of cheap moves which can suck you into his powerful combos no matter where you are on screen (well, almost). So, here are a few useful videos to help you beat Seth with any character (and also one on how to unlock Akuma).

How to beat Seth – Street Fighter IV

Another way to beat Seth easily

How to unlock Akuma the easy way in Street Fighter IV

I hope these videos help some of you who are having trouble beating Seth. The tactics may take some time to practice, but once you’ve mastered the timing you should be able to unlock all of the Street Fighter IV characters.

Please note that whilst these tactics will work against the computer controlled opponents, you will need to master the proper techniques if you are to do well online.

Good Luck 🙂

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Posted on February 25, 2009 | Last modified: 11th March 2015