Leftover Microsoft Points

The problem with left over microsoft pointsIt’s inevitable. There comes a time when you have some Microsoft Points (MS Points) left which you just can’t spend on anything. Infact, some people (like me) are unfortunate in that I have an amount of points that potentially I can never spend.

So here I am. Somehow I have managed to have 10 Microsoft Points left over in my Xbox Live account. After much searching I found that there is nothing to buy for that amount, nor is there anything that would be worth buying for that price I imagine.

So… what to do?

Whilst browsing around the Internet looking for a possible solution, I stumbled across this very interesting article about the Microsoft Points system. It highlights quite an obvious fact that we are being screwed over by this needless unique currency.

It suggests that Microsoft intend to have small amounts of points which cannot be spent in a high number of Xbox Live accounts. This cash could then be collectively kept in a high-interest account to increase the money being made from it’s customer base.

the real point is clear: Microsoft’s “points” are designed to confuse consumers and generate interest income from “left over” amounts. Now you know exactly why “1 Microsoft Point” doesn’t equal “1 U.S. Cent.” Boy, if Microsoft can dupe enough people into this Microsoft Points scheme, those “left overs” will really add up.

I strongly advise you read the article for an insight about Microsoft Points. Whilst the marketplace service is great, I wish it could have been created in a way that didn’t “milk” it’s customers so much. The same goes for Wii too with their points system.

So how can you avoid falling into this trap? Well, you can’t. Buy ordering Microsoft Points you are taking your first step into this process of helping them invest your money. However, if you wait until the stuff you want to download adds up to a complete figure, you can try and buy it all at once. Just try to make sure your purchases don’t end in a weird number like “90”. It happened to me, and now there’s no way out.

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Posted on May 7, 2009 | Last modified: 7th May 2009