Xbox 360 Slim

Xbox 360 Slim ConceptAs most Xbox fans probably already know, there have been numerous rumours circulating of a 360 slim model being released in the near future. Albeit there is no exact date, the E3 expo which is due to take place June 15-17 is the most likely ETA.

Whilst these claims have not yet been verified by Microsoft, I certainly hope they are true, as let’s face it; compared to other consoles on the market (wii, PS3) the 360 is a chunky piece of kit. To add to the flames of this rumour, it’s worth noting that a release around now would make sense as the current model is half way through its estimated life cycle of 10 years.

“We firmly believe that the Xbox 360 has a life cycle through 2015 (10 years after the launch). Project Natal is a great innovation. It will work with every Xbox 360 sold. It’s not about pushing more pixels on the screen. It’s about how to break down barriers that stop people from playing games,” – Shane Kim, Corporate Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business.

With the upcoming release of Project Natal, it also makes sense to revamp the console to give the consumer a feel that the Xbox 360 is still cutting-edge technology, even though it is around 5 years old.

All in all, I think E3 should hold some interesting surprises for us avid gamers. I am certainly excited to see what comes about from the much awaited exhibition, not only on the 360 front.

Posted on May 21, 2010 | Last modified: 21st May 2010