lifespiller79: “How Video Games Saved My Life”

video games saved my lifeI came across a really interesting video last week on Colexions by a man who goes by the username lifespiller79, where he speaks out about how video games saved his life.

It’s quite a hard-hitting and brutally honest/open talk covering some very tough moments in his life, the paths available and the one he has taken. He speaks about how upon reflection, video games acted as a form of escapism and refuge during some very dark times. Experiences a person should NOT have to go through.

I was quite moved by this video. It can be incredibly hard to talk about difficult times, but things like this where people speak out can sometimes help those who are going through similar experiences. It’s also good to hear about video games in a positive light. How they help, when so often the media blame the art/entertainment form for so much (killings/shootings/thefts/etc).

You can view the video in full below.

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Posted on June 17, 2014 | Last modified: 17th September 2015