Let’s Play Fun ‘N Games (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive)

Watch the video...

Here’s a quick let’s play of Fun ‘N Games for the Sega Genesis and Mega Drive.

Due to the style of the game, I felt a let’s play would be a better suited format than a review. The video quickly demonstrates the various games and tools that this cartridge offers. Is it “too cool for school”?

… No… no it isn’t.

I mean… erm… check the video to find out!

My first games console was the Mega Drive and I've been in love with video games ever since. Over the years I've owned many systems, which I hope to cover in the future. Most of the things I write and do videos about is considered "retro", but I do enjoy playing my Xbox One and PS4 as well...

Posted on February 19, 2018 | Last modified: 21st February 2018