MyGamerXP is a way for me to express my love for video games. I built this website, write articles, devote a lot of time to social networks and create videos, so you may be asking “why do I need your help?“.

Honestly, I would like to make this more than a hobby. I have some big ideas, but not enough time to do them. I squeeze in as much time as I can at weekends and late at night, but it would be incredible if I could justify even 1 day a week to put aside and create new videos, articles and explore some other ideas I have.

I want more time to research topics, find facts and develop mini-documentaries of classic video games. I’d like to review hundreds of retro favourites, discover what happened to beloved franchises, unearth hidden gems, provide tutorials and so much more!

I want to make the best videos and articles I can, with more time to create them, learn new techniques (like animation) and improve the quality using better equipment, such as a new lighting setup, better hardware for recording/editing and a new camera.

I do what I can, but with your support I can do more. 

Your support will mean that I can achieve my goals faster and produce content more consistently. I’d like to produce 1 video a week minimum. I’ve tried to achieve this and continually improve the quality of my videos, but sometimes my work life gets in the way. There have been times where I’ve only been able to create 1 video a month. So if I can earn enough to swap 1 working day with 1 day of creating, that would be ideal!

How You Can Help

There are several ways you can help support my goals with MyGamerXP, such as:

1. Spread the Word

Not everything costs money. Simply subscribing to the MyGamerXP YouTube channel, following on Twitter and liking on Facebook can be a huge help. Please also consider sharing updates and links with your friends.

2. Support Me on Patreon

Starting from as little as $1 per month, you can become an official patron of MyGamerXP. This will give you access to exclusive content not available anywhere else, such as “behind the scenes” info on videos. Click here to find out more.

3. PayPal Donations

If you would like to give a donation, you can do so by using PayPal (either a PayPal account or by using your credit or debit card). Each donation contributes to a number of things such as the ongoing running costs and improvements.

4. Send a Game

If you would like to send a game for me to play, review, or simply add to my collection, please get in touch first by using the contact form. I am extremely grateful to everyone who sends me games or collectables.

5. Amazon Wishlist

A few people have asked me about my Amazon wishlist. This features a mix of useful equipment to improve my videos/content, plus some games and things just for fun!

6. Buy a MyGamerXP T-Shirt!

Yes, that’s right. I’ve designed some MyGamerXP T-Shirts if you’re interested in that kind of thing. The prices are set by the site themselves, but I still make about £1-£2 per sale. Every little bit helps!

What Will I Spend the Money On?

The key focus at the moment is to improve the quality of my videos and to try and post on a more regular basis (both videos and on the website). I strongly recommend that if you want to donate money, go for the Patreon option, as that will allow you to get something in return (and you can cancel at any time).

Your Donations Would Be Spent On:

  • A HD Camera for Video and Photos (Currently Using IPhone)
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Video Editor Software Licence Contributions
  • Hardware for Capturing Retro Game Footage on Original Systems
  • New Games for Reviews (Retro and Modern)
  • Website Hosting and Domain Name Renewals
  • Monthly Email Service
  • Internet/Broadband Service
  • Potentially a New Podcast Series and Hosting

Using Donations and Personal Savings I Have Purchased:

  • Game Capture Device (for Modern Games)
  • PC Game Capture Software (for Emulated Recordings)
  • Quality Microphone and Pop Filter
  • NES Console
  • Wired Xbox Controller (for PC)
  • New Video Games for Reviews
  • Website Hosting Contributions
  • Monthly Email Service Contributions


Support MyGamerXP on Patreon

Donate to GXP Blog with PayPal

Alternatively, view my Amazon wishlist.

When you donate, please feel free to specify what you would like it to go towards and I shall honour it (unless it’s illegal or distasteful).

Special Thanks

I’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who has donated so far, namely:

Thank You

I am extremely grateful for every donation. Your contribution helps give me the freedom to devote more time and resources to something I love doing.

– Matt