Deus Ex: Human Revolution – First Impressions

deus ex human revolution xbox 360I managed to bag myself a real bargain on this game yesterday. Deus Ex: Human Revolution for just £29.99 with a free 800MS points card at Argos (be quick, I think the offer ends on the 9th of September!). And wow, what a game!

Now I know I haven’t played through this yet so I can’t give it a review, but from what I have played so far, discussions from my friends, and reviews I’ve read online, this looks like a really special game. Right from the beginning you can see the attention to detail in how they have presented this game, the art style and the music. Sure, some of the character models and lip-syncing look a little off, but not enough to ruin the experience.

Apparently this game can be played to suit your style; you can be stealthy, or gun down everything that moves like a maniac. Personally, I keep trying to take stealthy approach, keeping to the shadows and silently taking out bad guys. At the moment, I’m pretty crap at it to be honest. I get fairly far through an area unseen, only to be spotted by someone and having to resort to shooting my way through difficult situations. I must be doing something wrong…?

For my first play through I think I’m just going to try and work through the game as best I can. This game is good in the way that it doesn’t really seem to punish you for playing one way or the other. Making mistakes and learning from them will surely make me a better player? I hope so anyway!

So, if you have some time free this weekend, go out and buy or rent this game. From the moment you start it feels your onto something big. Quite a few people are already giving the game the title “Game of the Year”, but for me I’m still waiting to experience Batman: Arkham City and Skyrim before I decide what my favourite game this year is.

If anyone is playing this at the moment and has some cool tips on how to master this game, please feel free to leave them in the comments area below.

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Posted on September 3, 2011 | Last modified: 11th March 2015