Gaming for Less than £10

Short on cash? Here are some cheap xbox 360 games that I have found this week for under £10.

Eternal Sonata
£9.99 and
This is probably the most gorgeous game I have ever seen on the Xbox 360. I haven’t had much time to play through it yet, but from what I have seen and played so far, this is definitely something special. The game features beautiful music, visuals, and a really interesting storyline. I really cannot wait until I get enough time to return to this game!

The Incredible Hulk
£9.99 and
This game of the movie is quite fun. You basically play as the big green giant in an open world city causing destruction. You can smash cars, tanks, and even buildings! You play through the game by completing mission objectives dotted around the large cityscape, but you can also just wreak havoc just to let off some steam for a few minutes (or hours).

Beautiful Katamari
£9.99 and
This is… weird, yet strangely addictive. Beautiful Katamari is a Japanese game which features a small prince who rolls around a giant ball collecting objects. Sounds rubbish? Just wait until you have tried a few levels of this game! I advise you check out some reviews on this title first (or maybe rent it?) as this short post really doesn’t do the game justice. All I can say about this game is that it can be quite tricky to begin with but stick with it!

TMNT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
£9.99 and
Whilst this game only took around 4 hours for me to complete, it is recommended for younger gamers. The graphics and gameplay are simple and fun and eventhough it was shortlived for me, I did enjoy playing through it. The achievements for this game are easy to obtain, so those looking for a quick 1000 gamerscore may wish to buy or rent this title.

Surf’s Up
£9.99 and
This game is good for both kids (under 12?) and those who are addicted to achievements/gamerscore. The game features all the characters from the film, local/offline multiplayer, some nice looking levels and plenty of collectibles to find.

Hitman: Blood Money
£9.99 and
Whilst this is quite an old game now it doesn’t mean it’s dated or not worth playing. Hitman: Blood Money is an interesting game because there are numerous ways to complete each level. There are moments when sneaking around that the game really gets you on the edge of your seat. The graphics are still impressive today and there is plenty of replay value.

Found any cheap xbox 360 game offers yourself? Please post a comment of your findings 🙂

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Posted on January 22, 2009 | Last modified: 11th March 2015