Mark Hamill to retire as Joker after Arkham Asylum 2

Joker Mark Hamill

As a HUGE Joker fan, this saddens me. In a recent interview with IGN UK, voice actor Mark Hamill revealed that he won’t be revisiting the role of Joker after the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum 2. At first, he was reluctant to do the voice work on the sequel, saying, “My answer to (Rocksteady) for the sequel was; “Guys, we’re never going to be able to top the original” and that he had intended to leave the role on “a high note” with his work on the original Batman: Arkham Asylum.

However, once Rocksteady told Mark Hamill of their intentions for the sequel he agreed to reprise the role. “This will be my last, there’s no question about that,” said Hamill, “but it’s the last hurrah”.

After all the years he has done voice work for the Joker, I can understand why he may want to move on. Still, it’s a shame to know there will be no more Joker after this. Sure, someone else will take on the roll, but for me I feel Hamill’s work suited the “Clown Prince of Crime” perfectly.

On a more positive note, Rocksteady must have something amazing instore for the next Arkham Asylum game to have convinced him to voice the Joker just one more time.

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Posted on May 28, 2010 | Last modified: 28th May 2010