The New Xbox 360 Slim (FAQs)

new xbox 360 slimWith all the recent buzz about the new Xbox 360 Slim, there have been an awful lot of questions! Here are some FAQs about the new model and the official word from Microsoft so far:

Is there any performance difference at all between the new Xbox 360 Slim and the original Xbox 360?

No game performance differences. It plays the same games and acts the same way as any Xbox 360.

How about backwards compatibility with all my Xbox 360 games and Original Xbox games?

No changes at all! All your current Xbox 360 and Orginal Xbox games (on the backwards compatibility list) will still work as they do today.

Is the fan quiet?

Yes, in fact the entire console is whisper quiet.

The photos show fan slots on the right side of the console. Does it vent to the back still, or the side?

The side (or top of you have it resting horizontally.)

What ports have changed?

Removed: The front Memory Unit slots were removed, but the front 2 USB slots are still there for controllers, USB storage, music game hubs, etc.. (Remember, since the 2010 Spring dashboard update, you can use any USB port on the console with a USB thumb drive as an Xbox 360 storage device)

Removed: The small cutout that the external wireless adapters connect to on the back of the console. Since the console now has internal wireless N connectivity, you may not want to use the external wireless adapter. If you find that the external adapter works best for you, that device has feet that swing out to allow it to sit on top of the console.

Added: An optical audio out (a.k.a. TOSlink, S/PDIF). It’s on the back of the 360 S now instead of on the AV cables.

Added: A port for the Kinect sensor that is a hybrid data and power port. Kinect works with all Xbox 360 consoles, but on the new Xbox 360, you don’t need a separate power adapter for the Kinect sensor because this port will provide the power.

Added: 2 more USB ports on the back, bringing the total to three on the rear of the console in addition to the 2 on the front of the new Xbox360.

Does the new Xbox 360 use removable faceplates?

The new Xbox 360 does not have removable faceplates.

Where is the wireless controller bind button, I don’t see it in any of the pictures?

It’s in the front. It was combined with the IR receiver on the front, so that’s why you don’t notice it!

Does that mean that I can use my old wireless controllers with the New Xbox 360?

Yup, all official controllers will work with the New Xbox 360

Does it stand vertically and horizontal and do I need an adapter or a stand?

The Xbox 360 console is designed to stand vertically or horizontally. Unlike other consoles, it does not require a stand to sit upright and with the new sleek design it looks and fits great in your living room entertainment center. However, no matter how you position the console, you should not move the console during game or media play, or at any other time when the disc is spinning.

What band does the internal wireless N use?

It’s 2.4GHz.

Do the external wireless adapters work with new Xbox 360 ?

Yes. And if you connect one to the new Xbox 360 will sense this and disable the internal wireless.

I don’t have wireless, will I still be able to connect to LIVE using the New Xbox 360?

Yes! In addition to the built in wireless card, there is a standard Ethernet port on the back as well.

Is the power supply the same?

No. It’s a bit smaller and it’s now 135 watt. The connecter type is different too because it’s not meant for use in original Xbox 360 consoles.

Is the hard drive removable?

Yes, just like on the original 360 console, the hard drive is removable.

How can I move data from my current Xbox 360 to the new Xbox 360?

Its super easy – check out for more details. One important note is that your current Xbox 360 hard drive will not attach to the new Xbox 360. You will need to use either a transfer cable or USB memory to transfer your content.

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Posted on June 15, 2010 | Last modified: 11th March 2015