Pure Pool Review (Xbox One)

Pure Pool Xbox One Screenshot 01

I love playing pool. It’s a game I’ve enjoyed playing for numerous years with my Dad and friends. Recently one of my favourite places to play closed down. On the same day I heard the news, I was asked to review a copy of Pure Pool for the Xbox One. Strange coincidence? Let’s see how this game matches up against the real thing…

Firstly, you can tell from the images that this game has some very impressive realistic graphics. I’d just like to point out that the screenshots alone do not do this game justice! Pure Pool not only accurately re-creates the look of a pool table, it also captures the atmosphere and feeling of the game through lighting, sound and movement.

Pure Pool Xbox One Screenshot 02

There’s a fair amount to do in Pure Pool, such as a career mode for both 8-Ball and 9-Ball types. These career modes also include popular skill games such as killer and potting against the clock. There’s a series of challenges to aim for within each match which help prove skill – although as is common in games of pool – sometimes you can just get lucky! (Note: Obviously none of MY games are based on luck. It’s all skill! Really it is! .. wait.. why don’t you believe me?).

A career mode is to be expected though. There’s also a practice mode, tutorial, etc. Where Pure Pool really shines, is simply playing pool with friends! You can play from the sofa or over Xbox Live. You can even set up a league for a few friendly matches. It really is the digital equivalent to playing the real thing! I’ve played numerous simulators over the years and none have come as close as this!

Pure Pool Xbox One Screenshot 03

There are some really nice touches such as the ability to “stand up” for a different view of the table, a depth of customisation options, a heart beat on the final black, the slow motion shots where you see the chalk beautifully burst from the cue tip/ball on impact, and some clever AI stuff going on in the background (player DNA – which learns as people play) to provide a constantly solid challenge.

Pure Pool is an absolute steal for only £6.99/ €7.99/ $9.99. If you enjoy playing pool, or just want something quick, relaxing and fun to play from your dashboard. I highly recommend it.

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Posted on November 14, 2014 | Last modified: 18th November 2014