5 Old Games Thriving Anew

Space Invaders Mobile

Modern gaming has given us a lot of ways to enjoy new versions of old, retro games. The clearest may be the rise of mobile apps, which allow private and professional developers alike to create pretty much anything they want. But we’ve also seen online networks connected to major consoles as well as Internet gaming in general frequently reviving old games or putting out new twists on them. It’s all made for a very fun few years for fans of retro titles and concepts, and here I want to highlight five in particular that illustrate the whole idea. These games could easily have been left in the past, but thanks to all the aforementioned developments are thriving in new forms.


The game that’s popularly counted among the most iconic arcade experiences of the ’80s has been accessible in various forms over the years. And sure, you can find it on various gaming sites or via emulators online if you really want to hunt around. But now, SPACE INVADERS is also included among TAITO Corporation’s mobile games, bringing a flawless imitation of the original to mobile devices. To further the atmosphere, you can even control your ship via a touchscreen joystick and shooting button, which make it feel like a standalone arcade machine (at least in theory).

2. Board Games

This is a broad category, and one that isn’t always associated with video gaming. We think of board games as largely retro family activities to be played around kitchen tables and on living room floors. That said, we’ve also seen some arcade versions of popular board games over the years, some as far back as the ’80s. Most of these games still exist in their pure, tabletop forms today, but the rise of mobile gaming has given way of a whole lot of digital board game adaptations as well. Titles like Monopoly, LIFE, Battleship, and Scrabble, among others, are all available for mobile devices.

3. Bingo

Similar to board games in how we tend to think of it, bingo is absolutely a retro form of gaming that’s been completely revitalised by modern methods. For one thing, you can find a huge range of bingo games available in app stores. But online gaming sites have also embraced this old activity and spun it into something fresh and fun. That’s particularly true amidst Gala Bingo’s VIP offerings, where you’ll find options such as playing bingo in a digital “Champagne Room” or entering special prize draws. These types of options have changed the nature of bingo gaming and turned it into a fun and interactive modern experience.


Getting back to specific gaming titles, it’s hard to imagine a much more impactful or recognisable FPS classic than DOOM. The 1993 game was played primarily by PC gamers and helped pave the way for the shooter genre we enjoy so much today. It’s actually been brought back in multiple ways. Not only are there whispers of DOOM in pretty much all modern shooters, but the specific title is back in play. A bit of online (and legal!) emulation allows users to enjoy the classic version on their browser, and there’s also a brand-new DOOM game coming for the latest consoles and PC.

5. Frogger

Frogger is available in its classic form as a mobile app, but it’s also proven to be inspiration for some other similar games. The most prominent example is Crossy Road. Although, it’s worth noting that this game seems to have paved the way for Smashy Road, even if they weren’t designed by the same developers. That weird tidbit aside, this is just one more example of an iconic arcade experience that’s been modernized without really being changed.

There are plenty more examples, but any fan of retro gaming ought to appreciate these five as much as any!

Posted on April 20, 2016 | Last modified: 20th April 2016