Game of the Month – March 2009

GXP Blog Xbox 360 Game of the Month - March 2009February treated us to the wonderful Street Fighter IV (and Halo Wars, which I have only managed to play the demo of so far). March on the other hand didn’t really seem to bring anything new to the table that I was interested in. For a large number of gamers, Resident Evil 5 was at the top of the ladder. For me, I decided to go through some of my older games and pay them a visit.

Blue Dragon
This Japanese/turn-based RPG was purchased well over a year ago (maybe even 2). On my original play through I just couldn’t seem to connect with it. Maybe this was due to the game not meeting my expectations, or because I was suffering from some sort of gamerscore addiction.

RPGs take time to complete, and not many of them offer easy/quick achievements. The developers want you to undertake multiple playthroughs and explore every last inch of the land for that final collectible. I on the other hand have never quite been the patient type, so a game that requires as much dedication as this was unfortunately overlooked.

That was until this month. I felt I was finally ready to sit down and play through a game such as this. It was a tough choice between Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, but after much thought I finally settled for the lighter and more cartoonish option (with the intent on playing Lost Odyssey afterwards). Infact, part of my decision was based on the assumption that Lost Odyssey is better, so playing an enjoyable yet inferior game first will make the overall experience less disappointing than if I had decided to play them the other way around.

So, Blue Dragon is an excellent and very enjoyable turn-based RPG adventure for the Xbox 360. That’s all very well, but what game has been consuming most of my time this month..?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
Off all the online FPS games I have played, Rainbow Six games have always been my favourite. The “taking cover” mechanic really enhances the game and the controls feel really fluid.

This month (erm, march) I have been spending most of my time on this awesome game. It features numerous interesting multiplayer game modes and an experience system that unlocks new gear for your character. It’s also the only FPS (I think?) that allows you to scan your face using the Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera, how cool is that?

My aim is to reach the full 1000 gamerscore with this game. So far I’m just above 800 points, so not far to go now.

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Posted on April 9, 2009 | Last modified: 11th March 2015